First: Thanks to all the great Doctors who have helped me with my Coronary Artery Disease! especially to Dr. Amar Shah for his attention to details.
This page contains raw Research data: not for advice and is currently under construction ! one possible exception: you might want to get imaged!






CAC's False Comfort Zone (ZERO ???)

can high fat diet change hemodynamics ?

CAC good CTA better

“Also, while less common, some patients with only non calcified plaque may develop an acute coronary syndrome, ie, heart attack. Three to 7% of patients who have a calcium score of 0 still have non calcified plaque, which can only be visualized with a full cardiac CT scan with contrast injection. Contrast cardiac CT scans in the absence of symptoms are still not recommended for screening purposes.” SHAME!

Your CAC test is Zero, cholesterol numbers are great, EKG fantastic, Echo exceptional! your doc says you're good to go, you are elated and happy for the good news and start bragging to your friends you now have a clean bill of health ! but wait..........not so fast, what he forgot to tell is that you possibly could have a life threatening heart disease ready to possibly kill you at any moment!
See photos below.

Past studies have shown lower event rates in low CAC scores but most of these studies do not
look at the disease per say until it is too late and well established, hence a false comfort zone.


Featured video and potentially dangerous soft plaques Dr. Nance




Both tests have their pros and cons and I firmly believe that it is extremely important to know exactly just what they are, then and then only will you be able to choose for yourself the best type of imaging that will be right for you.
Good Luck, dR


Zero Calcium Score5 Year Guarantee ? not really

Some Say that if you have a zero CAC score your good to go for 5 years or more when actually that might not be be the case at all and especially if you are a women. Let's say for simplicity's sake there are only two main types of potentially dangerous plaques, hard (calcified) and soft (uncalcified) and both are subject to rupture, how then can checking for only one type of plaque by a CAC test give you any type of accurate diagnostic home free 5 year guarantee when it fails to detect the other
potentially dangerous soft plaques that can cause major arterial stenosis?
Heart disease happens to be mutltifactoral.

Dr. Nance Non calcified Plaque a Strong Indicator of Future Cardiac or view JPG Version "On univariate cCTA analysis, we found that the presence of
all plaque types examined were significant predictors

(go to timeline 12:37)

Zero Calcium Scores, Accurate or not in predicting Coronary Heart Disease?

CT performed for calcium scoring (CAC) is not able to show non calcified atheromas or stenosis , the premature discovery of soft arterial non calcified plaque through a low dose 640 slice CTA hopefully will put you years ahead your disease before your plaque becomes calcified, this should give you the time necessary to put the necessary protocol into action. Nobody not even the best proclaimed experts can predict what type plaque in what type of person under what type of circumstances or parameters will cause a life threatening arterial problem. All types of plaques are subject to rupture and can cause occlusions, soft, hard, new, old, mixed etc. you name it, plaques are subject to misbehaving when they are in environments they are not supposed to be in, this is why it is so important to see all types of arterial plaques not just the older calcified ones. Get the jump on artery disease.

why become a statistic like me!

RELATED ARTICLES 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

PAST CAC STUDIES As reported in this video half the population has zero score 12:35 / 15:15 . sorry this video obviously is pushing statins/aspirin and drugs toward the end as therapy to treat heart disease but to be fair I had to show it since it mentions a lot of the CAC studies which incidentally do not mention stenosis or soft plaque as even being a part of Coronary artery disease at all. They just center on the total number of events, all cause mortality and the older calcified plaques while the proliferation and culmination of a possible deadly festering heart disease is left undiscovered. The video at first statistically can be quite convincing but after a while you can really start see what someone is getting at which is giving everyone a CAC test, and since the video mentions 1/2 the population has a zero score the other half get statins and aspirin. Now only about 1/3 get this primary prevention therapy. NOTE: this video obviously has someone or something that has a dog in the dogfight. Who told you to take statins and aspirin, my doc, who told him, the school, who told the school, guess who ~

I firmly believe people should have choices!  NEW CAC VS CTA   The latest 2017 CTA I received was shot at 4 mSv's and took less than10 minutes not the 9mSv's like on older machines. I was told it would have been much less fore people without stents, maybe 3 mSv's or less depending on body mass. In my case the extra strength was needed to see stent patency (looking inside my stent)(images below 5 & 6) how much less would it have been was hard to determine. My Cardiac CTA was performed using the Toshiba Acquillion CTA Cardiac Scanner which uses and incorporates the latest technology.


The older type 64 slice machines use around 9 mSv's or more.
The newer 640 slice machines use around 3 mSv's or less for
Coronary CTA's.

Coronary Cath's are invasive and can be misleading , once you are on the table you might wind up with unnecessary bypasses. Not to point fingers but it is a business after all and they are salesman, remember you signed the waiver before you go under so you most likely will get whatever they are selling, most of my friends got full treatment, bypasses including pacemakers and defibrillators, and a full shelve of several big pharma drugs for the rest of their lives (which unfortunately were not to long) when perhaps only a stent might have been necessary in some cases. If someone will not facilitate your wishes consider going somewhere else. I believe it is important to know all your options before you choose a protocol. Time allowing consider getting a CTA before getting on the table! Just my opinion and based on my personal experiences.

Beat them to the punch, consider getting a low dose 640 slice a CTA first!

My Story:

I have a family history of heart disease from both parents: My grandfather on my fathers side died at age 56 of a massive heart attack and my father had a quadruple bypass heart operation at age 75. Knowing this at age 55 I had all the standard heart tests performed , an EKG, Echo Test and a Stress test, they were all negative for any signs of the disease. At age 60 I repeated these tests, and again all showed no signs of any disease. Then at age 64 while walking through the park the chest pain suddenly hit me, whew! I rested, took L-Arginine and Natto Kinase for a while but the pain continued to come back upon any exertion so I went back to the hospital and went through the standard tests which again didn't show much even with the 95% blockage I had. This time they added a nuclear stress test which unfortunately only showed only a mild to moderate ischemia.
The Chest pain continued the next day so I went back to the hospital, this is when they wanted to do an immediate Catherization and this is where you sign a consent form and they go in and do whatever they have to do including a bypass operation etc. I immediately opted out of that and asked for a CTA. I wanted to know what exact ely was the disease I had and exactly what they were going to do before I went under. The said no it was not protocol, so and I insisted again and finally got one. The CTA was positive for 70% blockage believe it or not there is a 30% variable usually accepted in these tests, mine actually turned out to be 95 % or more. A stent in my main artery was implanted and the standard angiograph photos were recorded during the procedure. See Below:

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photo 1

I was discharged the next day with 40 milligrams of Lipitor , Plavix and aspirin which I continued for one year. The angiograph report stated that my other arteries were 40%,50% and 60% occluded at that time. Which I now know was totally inaccurate, appears it was just a guesstimate and not an actual measurement, nice huh! I know for a fact that there can be up to a 30 % margin of error or more on these guesstimates, nice huh, they get a lot of by pass operations this way, get imaged before you are on the table or you might wind up with the best your money can buy, a quadruple bypass and perhaps not necessary in a lot of cases. Get imaged first with a CTA and you be the judge, been there done that ~

So if you have a family history of heart disease and have risk factors i.e. Vietnam/Agent Orange, live in a big city,were a smoker, drank a lot, are overweight, have had exposure to toxins, have diabetes, don't exercise enough,have high homocysteine, have cholesterol extremely out of whack etc. etc. etc. don't rely on the standard tests to find out if you have coronary artery disease like I did, get imaged!

CAC TEST better than nothing but ....


In my opinion the more information and the earlier the better!


Early detection of coronary disease
could save your life !
The 640 slice CTA costs about $545.00. 640 slice CT machine at North Well / Location of 640 CTA
If you cannot afford a CTA you can get just a CAC
for $100-$200(Coronary Calcium Scan) but...WARNING it will not show you your entire sub endothelium uncalcified disease nor the amount of blockage in your artery which is vital for a complete and proper diagnosis of coronary heart disease, see chart left.

DR RICK'S 2017 ARTERY DISEASE a CAC (Calcium Score) will (most likely) not find this disease or one like it. CAC TEST VS CTA TEST YOU DECIDE what is right for you.

If you happen get a CTA be sure to get your 3D images and all the pertinent curved planar reformatted images with designations of what the name of artery is on the CD, this can be easily added by the doc and EXTREMELY important for future comparisons and for your reference. Also request on your CD the RAW image Dicom files so that they can be compared by other Diagnostic Radiologists.
My research is still underway and only partially documented on this site and is ~ to be continued after an appointment with a Diagnostic Radiologists who will attempt to compare a 2013 CTA with the new 2017 CTA although the 2017 report shows less stenosis the CTA images look about the same to me, how to view a CTA is here and here and especially here on you tube. If I had to do it again I would just insist on and go for a low dose 640 slice CTA from the get go

I weigh 145-148 lbs, am 5'9.5" inches tall. My radiation dose was 4 mSv but I was told it could have been less, if not for my metal stent, see below photo 6. In radiation body size matters. Radiation Information

Passed all your cardio tests, might want to think again, one hour movie

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Below Photo: Ivor Cummins puts forth a good analogy of what the most likely causes of heart disease are, drinking not mentioned? this is not a movie.


Coronary Artery Disease Progression

*If, I know your really good/great cardiologists has not suggested you get imaged and you have the risk factors mentioned above then SHAME! find another doc and get tested! the system is flawed!

PS: It is reported that our arteries start on a downward journey in our teens but the disease can go undetected and can finally manifest itself later in life using the widely excepted standard modalities of current day testing. Some basic blood tests to know about for Coronary Artery Disease VAP, NMR, lp-PLA2, CRP, ADMA, Homocycteine, etc. links to follow ~ Have risk factors?

PHOTO OF MY CTA , and photo of a CAC also the strip below are CAC
images in sequence that you will get on your CD.

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photo 2

photo 3

The angiograph strips below were taken during my stenting procedure. The radiation dose for an angiogram is mostly dependent on the time and energy used to obtain the results. Some procedures can be done in minutes others take longer. i.e. stenting. So depending on the procedure and size of the person of course the radiation doses for angiographs can range anywhere from 10-100 times more that a CTA in some cases.  

LATEST NEWS ON IMAGING, BIO ABSORD STENTS ETC. CAN BE FOUND here Shown below is photo of my main LAD before and directly after my stent, May28, 2013.

Below photos where taken during the my stent procedure catheterization - angiography - angioplasty procedure

photo 4

Stents and Positive remodeling, Dr Srinivas explains. might be a good place to start especially if your Calcium score is high?



The person that usually analyzing these types of diagnostic images is classified as a diagnostic radiologist, these types of doc's are usually bought up by money making diagnostic labs and cannot be found. I have had several cardiologists and not a one has every looked at an image or for that matter even wanted to. He or she will most likely at best just read his or her report, so asking questions about questionable images is hard pressed at best, such a shame !

Right Photos are my arteries and are links, yikes!

What does artery disease look like on a CTA?

A 2017 CTA photo of my arteries: The left photo unfortunately shows the current disease in the CFX artery. My recent radiological report from these photos mentions coronary artery disease only and depicts the stenosis within the artery as a percentage, mine is < 25% great, but this is only a guesstimate and can vary 10% 20% and up to 30% is my understanding. I have seen two cardiologists since with the radiological report and they both say great less than 25%, blockage while neither actually even bothered to look at the photo with the actually disease. I asked both doc's if they would like to see the photos and they both declined. The Stenosis reported in the above angio photo group (BEFORE / AFTER) at the time of the stent was reported as 40% 50% and 60% by angio cath and now by CTA they say < 25%, I am in the process of finding out by comparison if this is true, I will be comparing the 2013 CTA to the 2017 CTA. By observation I noticed the overall sublumenal disease show in photos has not seemed to change much if at all. I also learned that the angio photo guesstimates are just that and do not hold much weight as far a accuracy if at all, they appear to be visual guides with numbers attached by the surgeon and or helper at the time of the CATH, why bother except to sell more operations. So in 2013 my artery blockages were 40-50-60% determined by the angiogram now compared to a CTA they are less than 25%, yea right, wishful thinking for sure. The disease looks the same to me photos to be posted. Can't help thinking that they do many unnecessary by pass operations based on the CATH readings/photos which are at best only guesstimates in most cases. i.e. I recently had a friend diagnosed by CATH that he had 80% blockages is all four arteries and received an immediate quadruple by bass operation?

When you go under you basically give them cart blanche to do what is necessary, the way I got around this was to get the CTA before the CATH, In my case I was pretty sure what was going to happen before the CATH.



Curved Planar Reformatted Images, Dr. Amar Shah, Thanks

photo 5 & 6

In the above left photo white is calcified plaque, dark irregularities and raised areas are the disease itself . Of note: although the stenosis, narrowing is only 25% this give or take 10% -30%, yes. in most cases it is reported that the stable white plaque is not the soft vulnerable plaque that causes a heart attacks but instead its the dark areas of soft vulnerable plaque beneath the artery walls that tend to be the culprits, however they actually can occur anywhere at anytime.

The idea is that through (positive remodeling) the plaque builds  up pressure beneath the artery wall and finally when enough pressure or disease happens within, the area is subject to rupture. If the artery blockage us severe enough a heart attack can ensue. So passing all your basic yearly tests really don't mean a thing buddy, imaging is key!

The tests I had performed after having severe chest pain for several weeks will be posted, but the idea is the tests they all failed to diagnose the severity of the blockage you see in the above BEFORE photo, amazing!

EXAMPLE BELOW OF Curved Reformatted Imaging!

CTA Imaging for heart disease using a 640 Slice CTA

7. From the 3 photos below you can see kinda see the clarity that the 3 different types of imaging I had done and what each machines produces, unfortunately I still see my disease in the 3rd and best picture, so in 4 years the plaque burden evidently remains about the same, so good news.

photo 7

2013, CTA of my CFX
64 slice machine

2015 MRA of my CFX artery
MRI machine
2017, 640 CTA slice machine of my CFX artery Dr. Amar Shah location of Northwell CTA
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HEART ATTACK CITY - diabetes mellitus

The featured video below contains great simplified common sense information about artery disease and diabetes and in my opinion is easy to understand and well put together, however I personally would not go for the CAC test initially as it only shows limited information about the entirety of the sub endothelium disease, now add a extremely low radiation 640 slice CTA in place of the CAC test that the video is suggestive of and you hopefully will be able to see MOST of your cardiac disease before it is too late as it was in my case. Ivor's video mentions - don't count on the basic tests at the doc's like LDL etc, I could not agree more, read on ~

Ivor's video mentions the importance of a proper complete lipid panel test i.e. a VAP or NMR lipid/cholesterol test, I agree, in doing so you will get markers like LDL-P Apo (a) and (b) and many others markers that you will not get on your local checkup that may influence heart disease much more than any basic yearly lipid tests. My pre stent lipid tests were just about useless and were not helpful in predicting any portion of my coronary artery disease: so to reiterate and to concur with Ivor, the basic cholesterol tests are just about useless and can be very misleading at best in determining heart disase, yet the medical profession insists on holding on to this useless paradigm as a means of determining ones risk for coronary artery disease while never finding out if you actually have the disease, just a crazy waste of time and unfortunately I am sure lives in far too many cases. The other tests for coronary artery disease that may prove live-saving are a homocysteine blood test and a LP-PLA 2 test, EXTREMELY important markers to be aware of as well as the IR (insulin resistance) test, these tests could be included in the VAP or NMR tests as they can be very revealing. Good Luck and thanks to my wife K for turning me onto this great video by Ivor Cummins, a biochemical engineer.

Wanna know how to collapse your heart disease risk? Ok then. My recent talk at a large gathering of ambulance staff and paramedics in Dublin. Some new slides, new studies - and a rather special 'patient story' I recent... YOUTUBE.CO



WANT TO UNDERSTAND CHOLESTEROL IN THE BODY, 1:47 minutes or click on this photo for the chart at the end of the video. The cholesterol conundrum by Ivor Cummins is excellent video and I highly recommend it to understand how cholesterol works in our bodies,  however it falls short in my opinion in providing any dietary or statistical information for people who already have coronary heart disease, like myself. I am hoping that some studies can be provided in the future by the fat diet promoting community which might elucidate this extremely important point for those of us whom are already  affected. I am confident if and when the information is available Ivor will be  the one to find it. Whereas at present a plant based diet for people with heart disease has been proven statistically to save lives. i.e. Dr. Ornish, Dr. Esselstyn, Dr. Greger and others! so until then ~ More info to be posted about Dr Ornish, seems my heros are fading chased by keytones, hmmmm! will see.

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Great extensive complex video on insulin resistance, IR! really fast moving and technical so use your pause button to stop look and read, to really get it you will have to watch several times I am sure. Bottom line, his recommendation is less fat, less sugar!

Dr. David Fung


We have found that diabetic patients with coronary heart disease have significantly higher MPV values compared to control subjects without diabetes and with angiographically normal coronary arteries.


My homocysteine level was almost 17 when the above Before After pictures were taken, now it is 8. Genetic tests revealed that I am homozygous For A1298C which is a predictor of High Homocycteine. See B12 absorption page

dangers of high homocysteine and Coronary Heart Disease and why don't they tell people!

Advanced lipid testing (NMR OR VAP) tests can be much more important than conventional lipid testing! LDL-P is particle number, and too many may be dangerous even if your LDL is low! or so it is grafted and statistically reported. There is so much unknown in current Lipidology that any lipid tests seem to be a stretch, so one may choose to go there or not. Personally having heart disease I wanted to see what was up. In fact I ran my own case study for two years about every month or so and regulated my statin dosage down from 40mg of Lipitor to 5mg every other day, complete reports to be posted.

photo 8 left, photo 9 right



Calcium in your arteries why western medicine has not idea about the etiology and or treatment of artery calcification is a wonder! NEW FLUORIDE AND ARTERIAL CALCIUM DEPOSITS !

The arrows in the photo above point to soft tissue calcium deposits in my groin. lets see, deposits in my arteries hmmmmm! now the groin hmmmmmmm ! hence the search for the cause. Please see books below, Vitamin K2 and Calcification The Aging Factor. I currently am trying to reverse my calcification in my arteries using Vitamin K2 with Vitamin D of prime importance, some also say A is Vital for the escort of calcium from our soft tissues. but...... if the calcium I am trying to rid myself of is our metabolic band aid and is physiological and not pathophysiological then I am going in the wrong direction, or so it could be thought? not answers out there at the moment, all kinda new horizons
and I am the piggy!

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The Complete Vitamin K Story
Explains K1-K9, 10 PART You Tube SERIES

pictures below are links!




Both books are very informative with regards to how Calcium gets into and out of our arteries. How and and more importantly why western medicine misses this point is amazing! once we have artery disease should we try to remove it? I don't know.

The below research was done using Google searches i.e. unrefined salt benefits , aspirin dangers,
 statin dangers ,   statin dangers You Tube.  etc.


Pharmacokinetics = HOW A DRUG WORKS, CAN STATINS CAUSE DIABETES? Have you been fooled by big pharma? Watch Statin Nation or at least the trailer on You Tube, this is the video that started my 4 years of research and prompted my own case study. You can get the full video online! STATIN DANGERS WHAT CAUSES THE PAIN Take all the prescriptions in the world and put them in the ocean and you will have no FISH! Gateway drugs: drugs you take that lead to you taking other drugs to resolve the side effects of the first. Xenobiotics, Epigenetics I.E. if you grandfather died of a heart attack and ate butter and your father died of a heart attack and ate butter but you did not eat butter guess what? Statin Muscle Pain what about diabetes? STATIN BENFITS ?

appears many of my links below are outdated, sorry will work on it, but check here for updated info

ALL STATIN LINKS (my bookmarks)

pictures are links of a just few of many, many reference books I have found helpful in my journey!

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new~ interesting!

CANCER: focus: Prostate Cancer: harm of too much Vitamin E Dr Rhonda Patrick, video, wow!

CANCER: focus: cancer in not genetic but metabolic disease by Dr Thomas Seyfried ~ his views, video

Dr Rhonda Patrick's website some really interesting videos

Dr. Ronald Krauss on LDL Cholesterol, Particle Size,
Heart Disease & Atherogenic Dyslipidemia



Note: bought most books on Amazon!some more good books to keep the machine running!

SECTION 3. ASPIRIIN ~ Dual Anti Platelet Therapy is it good for you? what nobody tells us!


This page is dedicated to my dear friend Bill who presumably was first put in a wheel chair by statins and then presumably or most likely died as a result of dual anti platelet therapy which is Aspirin and Plavix together . He died of a hemorrhagic stroke which is the bleeding of a brain vessel. His death in my opinion was most likely Iatrogenic (doctor/drug induced) ironically I now must resort to taking it myself for elevated MPV and low salicylates. For certain I have tried all other natural ways.

In the early 2000s the endovascular functions of the COX enzymes were unraveled. COX enzymes proved to play important parts in thrombogenesis [ 36 ]. Activated blood platelets produce COX-1-dependent thromboxane TXA2, which acts as a prothrombotic platelet agonist and vasoconstrictor. Nearby endothelial and smooth muscle cells produce COX-2-dependent prostaglandin I2 (PGI2), especially after cell damage has occurred [ 37 ]. PGI2 is an antithrombotic platelet inhibitor and vasodilator and thus modulates the interaction between activated platelets and the endovascular wall. Cell damage, atherosclerotic plaques, and laminar shear forces selectively up-regulate the expression of COX-2 by endothelial cells in an attempt to maintain homoeostasis [ 38 ]. Understanding these mechanisms, one could infer that, in clinical syndromes associated with platelet activation, COX inhibition by any NSAID, but especially by COX- 2-selective NSAIDs, may increase the risk for cardiovascular events [ 37 ]. As their effect is temporary and reversible, only continuous high dosage of nonselective NSAIDs will considerably inhibit COX-1 and COX-2. However, COX-2-selective NSAIDs may, by their irreversible covalent binding of COX-2, strongly impair the synthesis of endothelium derived antithrombotic and vasodilatory prostacyclin while lacking COX-1-inhibiting effects on platelet aggregation, thus tipping the scales of homeostasis in favor of thrombogenesis and vasoconstriction full article

Can you get Helicobactor Pylori from aspirin

Warning don't look if you are squeamish! Googles photos

Dr Masterjohn on inflammation text includes fish oil

Pathophysiology of NSAIDS and stomach injuries

Most below links discourage the use of aspirin for Primary Prevention, primary prevention is when you are taking it to prevent a disease and some links below are pro aspirin for Secondary Prevention only! Secondary Prevention is when you already have a disease and treat it! many links show the pharmacokinetics of aspirin (how it works) Featured Website they seem to have done there homework ~ Repair of the Stomach and Duodenal after ulceration Dr Greger, on Salicylic acid (Aspirin) in Plants


*Aspirin is still one of the most widely used drugs on the market with 40,000 tons of it being consumed each year around the world! Most people tend to think of over-the-counter medicines as being safe. However, According to the American Gastroenterological Association (AGA), each year the side effects of NSAIDs hospitalize over 100,000 people and kill 16,500 people in the U.S. alone. The most common side effects of aspirin include bleeding ulcers and tinnitus. Use with caution.

Vasoconstriction possibilities? takes minute to load from their library


all aspirin links (my bookmarks)

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Dr. Alderman has authored more than 270 scientific papers, book chapters and textbooks. He is editor of the American Journal of Hypertension , a fellow of the American College of Physicians, a member of the Association of American Physicians, and a past president of both the American Society of Hypertension and the International Society of Hypertension. NY Times Article . Is less Sodium good for you by Dr. Michael Alderman a must listen!! more about Dr Alderman and Hypertension.

this is the master of mostly all pro salt studies ! Long Lecture for sure ! but great, his books are even better.
Salt you way to Health , Dr Brownstein

NOTE: In the clip you can clearly read 12 grams is High and suggested suggested amount is 6 grams, which is 1.5 teaspoons. One study uses mice the other astronauts in space

NOTE: Also the studies most likely use refined salts.



salt starts at 7:18 / 22:13 on timeline, other info is about fat and veggies! He recommends about 5-6 grams per day. Again does not specify refined or unrefined.

2018 Dr. Raymond Fung Salt !


salt continued ~


RAAS System



The renin–angiotensin system (RAS) or the renin–angiotensin–aldosterone system ( RAAS ) is a hormone system that is involved in the regulation of the plasma sodium concentration and arterial blood pressure

Overview: The raas system which stands for R=Renin, which is made in the kidneys, Angiotension 1 and II which is made in the liver and lungs and Aldosterone which in part is made in the Adrenals and finally System = System. This system is basically responsible for raising blood pressure and blood volume,it does this (in part) by increasing Sodium, Chloride and water levels in the kidneys when systemic low sodium/volume occurs.


Understand there are many different opinions out there, so Research, Research, Research, Research, and then you decide. The links I posted are mostly pro for unrefined salt and negative to refined salt of any kind, why, you decide ! a few writers in the below links also sell salt, make you own mind up. dR's note, if I may! I believe when you read articles about salt causing fluid retention and consequently high blood pressure (hypertension) it is for the refined salt version ONLY as most people who make this statement or these types of statements are completely unaware of the qualities of unrefined salt, so..........!. Hey nice if there was a study that would compare the two salts side by side in one randomized double blind placebo controlled study huh, this study I have not found as yet, if you have please let me know  ~

snow monkeys
  mineral baths? hey watch out or you will get high blood pressure too



1. 06/03/opinion/sunday/we-only- think-we-know-the-truth-about- salt.html?pagewanted=all

2. http://www.scientificamerican. com/article/its-time-to-end- the-war-on-salt/

3. sites/articles/archive/2013/ 04/04/high-salt-consumption. aspx



Dr. Batmanghelidg (this is very technical)



Bacteria being battered by Colloidal Silver v=hhOwSQriB8E


After 4 years of the diet below I see no improvement on the actual disease, so I have switched to modified keto type diet, will retest in a few weeks!
Unfortunately there are no studies that I can find for those of us who already have coronary artery disease to see if this heavy fat and oil diet would have a
detrimental effect on a well established arterial disease. If you know of any please let me know. Nitric oxide is a major condiseration, inflamation was considered.

My Diet for the most part all organic if and when possible

1. Beans,peas,lentils and Legumes, fat 1 g per serving
2. Tofu (light) 1 gram fat per 3 oz, maybe once a week , sorry now not at all.
3. Seitan 2grams fat per 3 oz once a week
4. Tempeh 4.5 grams fat per 3 oz ( HIGH) 2-3 times a week
5. Mixed Vegetables, mostly cruciferous, only Organic and lots of them. Large Fresh salads at dinner with usually 3 root vegetables sliced like potato chips in it, i.e. beets,burdock, turnips, parsnips,black radish etc.every day, topping of     balsamic vinegar, herbs and spices such as turmeric,cumin,garlic,ginger, cardamom,oregano,onion flakes, black pepper and other exotic spices.
6. Almond Milk, Soy Milk, fat 2.5 grams fat to 5 grams of fat per 8 0z one to two glasses a day.
7. Grains, almost none, I am hip to the grain/gmo/wheat belly thing. I use Shiratakie Yam noodles as a substitute only sometimes
8. Breakfast: Fresh Japanese Organic Natto 5/8 oz. with Grits 1/3 cup in the morning with 1/4 teaspoon of rice powder to make smooth, also and for starters in the morning one green banana, one apple (small) one cup berries, one cup cherries, one cup soy and almond milk mixed, also and sometimes mixed berries with strawberries, pears, bananas etc. toppings are Macca powder, Carob powder, Flax seed ground, Ceylon cinnamon only! D-ribose &glutamine powder a pinch.
9.Yams, Sweet potatoes & artichokes about once a week each.
10. Plenty of mushrooms daily if I can, especially buttons.
hydrolyzed collagen, plenty

*A staple for me in Red Star Nutritional Yeast, with Folate and "not Folic Acid" as sold in markets, Only one company in the US has it that I know of Herbal Symphony. I eat several ounces per day at least so 9 grams of protein for 1.5 tablespoons, so maybe 30-40 grams of protein of daily yeast alone, maybe too much? I have eaten approximately 10 lbs in 3 months myself sometimes, other times not so much, depends. Good Luck, hopefully some of these articles have proven to be useful to you!

Note: Nobody knows everything! nor can you find ALL the information you are seeking in just one place. For those of use already afflicted with coronary artery disease might excess sugar as well as excess fat be detrimental to the afflicted arteries? Might the moderation of both be the best and the most beneficial treatment for the already compromised existing plaque burden? makes sense to me but if we only new for sure, maybe someday we'll know, not by conjecture or hypothesis but by science and on a individual basis. In any event the much recommended high fat low carb diet (ketogenic diet) I am now trying, actually a (Targeted Keto Diet) diet seems extremely ominous given the nature of the already established disease. What works for cancer and epilepsy might inversely work for established CAD? someday we might have the answers and imaging to actually see exactly and determine on an individual basis what exactly is going on. As we are all different a one solution for all seems far reaching at best. So until then we have no choice but to rely on the modalities of advanced  lipid testing. IS DEAN ORNISH AND OTHERS WRONG?
Animal Fats?
 /  More on FAT   / Jury still out but favors fat ? complete study /

Not exactly apples to apples but some info ~

pro sat fat

Article            Study  


jury still out!

The debate continues

seems like forever !



anti fat, low carb




Left : High Fat Diet/ artrial function /oils etc, left

Could this image to the left be the new way to treat existing heart disease as many now are suggesting?

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Right: Low fat diet atrial function

many more reports coming to compare, since nobody know what diet further increases arterial damages both cases are relevant. Maybe both fat and sugar can both exacerbate ones condition, if we only knew for sure.

10 days on Keto, extreme weakness beyond belief, heart pounding with irregularities, gained weight, just felt like crap, totally off balance, raised sugar, feel like I can't continue, but will try a bit longer ! wondering how could this be good, sorry the transition seems, feels harmful at the moment but willing to see both sides for now.

gave up, body too weak, I think great for some but I will have to pass on the keton diet and just use modertion!


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